Mother’s Day Mini Sessions with Helianthus Floral

Oh, what a joy it was to play a special part in the celebration of Mother’s Day for so many beautiful Mamas this year.
It all started when I was thinking about what I would want for Mother’s Day. “I just want one picture with me and my Babies,” I thought.

You see, as a Mom, I’m always behind the camera and as a result, rarely have photos of me and my Babies. And this isn’t just because I’m a Photographer, this is a common challenge all Moms seem to face.
I had seen the beautiful work of Camryn Lane (Helianthus Floral) around town on several occasions and thought how lovely one of her arrangements would look on my kitchen table. Then I had the “ah-ha” moment: wouldn’t it be lovely to offer local Mamas photos with their Babies *and* a custom floral arrangement made by Camryn?
What you’re seeing here is the end result: beautiful Moms with their beloved children, traipsing through the whimsical sagebrush fields of Nevada with custom floral arrangements adorning their hair and hands. It was an honor to be a part of giving these families memories that will last a lifetime, and I’m thankful I could do something special to honor these Mothers this year. I think I’ll make it an annual tradition, with a new location each year. Ideas are already popping into my head and I’m eagerly anticipating next year’s celebration!

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